Nouvelle Relaxation Massage     50 Min./$75

Full Body massage designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress while rejuvenating mind and body.


Nouvelle Signature Massage     80 Min./$90

Full body, customized relaxation massage enhanced with hot stones, aromatherapy, and heated herbal bags. Experience the ultimate spa journey.



Full body customized relaxation massage enhanced with hot stones, aroma therapy, essential oils and heated herbal bags. Experience the ultimate spa journey.   


Sports/Deep Tissue Massage      50 Min./$80  80 Min./$110

Full body, deep tissue massage using firm pressure to address deep muscles.  This massage is great for men and athletes.


Therapeutic BodyWork      50 min./$80  80 Min./$110

Targets areas of acute or chronic soreness, tension, and/or holding patterns in muscles.  Combines deep tissue massage with intensive bodywork techniques to help achieve symptomatic relief.


Mama Mia - Pre-natal Massage     50 Min./$75   90 MIN.$90

Lie in comfort while we relieve the unique strains of pregnancy. Our pre-natal massage allows you to have massage up to the ninth month. A Spa Favorite.


Executive Massage     30 Min./$50

Upper body massage that is designed for those busy people on the run with neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.


Total Indulgence     90 Min./$150

Begin with a buffing sugar scrub and Full Body Massage.  Then, cocoon in an aromatic steam treatment to penetrate tired skin. While enveloped in our steam capsule, relax with a face and scalp massage.


two hour massage     120 min./$150

A massage customized to your needs. In consultation with your therapist, you'll create a massage to alleviate your stress and pain. Deep tissue body work, hot stones and essential oil may be used depending on what your body craves.

Massage & Steam     90 Min./$130

Signature massage treatment along with essential oils. Let us wash away your worries and renew your spirit with an aromatherapy steam treatment.

Lush Hydrating Massage   50 min./$80 90 Min./$110

Gentle exfoliation followed by a full body relaxation massage. An ultra-hydration for skin in need of a drink of moisture. Intense hydration that will enhance and soothe even the most tired skin.


Mud wrap     90 Min./$120

These potent mixes will relieve stress, release toxins, and soothe tired muscles. A full body massage helps relax the body before warm mud is applied. The body will absorb the mud, then a warm shower will complete the experience.